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y a pas photo – French Expression

Y A Pas Photo – French Expression

y a pas photo – French expression

it’s a no brainer – Mot du Jour

What does the French expression ‘ y a pas photo ‘ mean? How do you say ‘ it’s a no brainer ’ in French? How is it used in a sentence?

y a pas photo – there has not photo. I think this expression comes from the horse racing world. In order to make sure who’s horse was on first, they rely on the arrival picture, making it very clear who won.

In everyday French, y a pas photo means that the situation is not ambiguous at all, it’s very clear, ‘it’s a no brainer’.

  • « Non, c’est moi qui ai gagné, y a pas photo, là. T’es mauvaise perdante ! »
    • “No, I’m the winner, it’s a no brainer. You’re a sore loser.”
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