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What’s a preposition – Today’s French

What’s A Preposition – Today’s French

What’s a French preposition?

Qu’est-ce qu’une préposition ?

What’s a French preposition? What is its function in a sentence? List and examples of French prepositions. Listen to me, a French native, say it.

The purpose of a preposition is to make the speech more sophisticated and more fluid.

A preposition introduces a new element in the sentence, a word or a group of words that’s called  an object complement. A preposition is always written the same way, it doesn’t change its spelling.

Note: a preposition can be an adverb, but all adverbs aren’t prepositions.

Short list of 7 French prepositions

  1. à …. at
  2. avec …. with
  3. chez …. at someone’s house, among
  4. contre …. against
  5. dans …. in, on
  6. depuis …. since
  7. sur …. on

Exercice – Practice

Translate the sentences from one column to another. From French to English (la version) is easier, from English to French (la thèse) a bit more challenging.

Traduisez les phrases d’une colonne à une autre. Du français en anglais (la version) est plus facile, de l’anglais au français (la thèse) un peu plus difficile.

  1. On les a donnés à Maurice quand il est parti à Paris.
  2. Je pars avec toi.
  3. Il est chez nous.
  4. Tu es pour ou contre ?
  5. Est-ce que tu es dans le train ?
  6. On ne l’a pas vu depuis l’autre jour.
  7. Ils étaient sur le tronc.
  1. We gave them to Maurice when he went to Paris.
  2. I'm leaving with you.
  3. He is at home (at our house).
  4. Are you for or against?
  5. Are you on the train?
  6. We have not seen him/it since the other day.
  7. They were on the tree trunk.




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