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Verbs with À – What Pronoun?

Verbs With À – What Pronoun?

Verbs with À – What pronoun?

Les verbes en À – Quel pronom ?

French verbs come in many different flavors. They come with or without a preposition, and this will determine the choice of the pronoun you need.

This lesson is about verbs that use the preposition À.

Here are 2 examples of French verbs with the preposition À.

  • Tu demandes à ta prof de t’expliquer les pronoms.
    • You’re asking your teacher to explain the pronouns to you.
  • Il arrive à comprendre les prépositions.
    • He’s able to understand French prepositions.

Sometimes, you want to sound more sophisticated. That’s when you will want to replace what comes after the preposition À with a pronoun. The question is: “which pronoun?”

See the comprehensive lists of which verbs with the preposition À use LUI/LEUR and which ones use Y in the premium lesson. Click on the button below.

Exercice – Practice

Verbs with the preposition À and their pronouns


Replace the underlined words with the pronouns LUI/LEUR or Y. 

  1. Vous ne servirez pas de dessert aux invités ?
  2. On a réfléchi à ta proposition.
  3. Il a conseillé à son père de ne pas le faire.
  1. You (vous) won’t serve dessert to the guests? You (vous) won’t serve them dessert?
  2. We (on) thought about your proposal. We (on) thought about it.
  3. He advised his father to not do it. He advised him not to do it.
  1. Vous ne leur servirez pas de dessert ?
  2. On y a réfléchi.
  3. Il lui a conseillé de ne pas le faire.


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