une plage – French expression

Plage Palmiers

La plage d’Anne en Bretagne  🙂 

une plage – a slot – Mot du Jour

une plage – a beach. Can ‘une plage’ be ‘a time slot’? Really?

If you know the word plage, you probably think it means a beach, right? Well, you’re right. However, it also means ‘a time slot in your schedule, your calendar’, ‘a window’ I guess you could say in English.

Chez le coiffeur – At the hairdresser’s 

  • « Auriez-vous une petite plage demain pour un rendez-vous pour des mèches. »
    • “Would you have a small slot for an appointment tomorrow in your schedule? I need highlights.”
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Chez le coiffeur – Today’s French

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