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Un truc de ouf – French expression

Un Truc De Ouf – French Expression

What does the French expressionun truc de ouf mean? How is it used in a sentence?

un truc de ouf – a thing of crazy. fou is proper French for ouf. And these days, you hear “ouf” more and more. If you listen carefully, the word “ouf”, it has the same letters as in “fou”, but it’s spelled backwards. That Verlan slang. Verlan has become very popular over the last few years. It is used by the younger generation – and it is soon catching up with the less young people. Check out our worksheet on Verlan slang on the website.

un truc de ouf really means ‘crazy stuff’ or ‘totally wild’.

  • « Mais c’est un truc de ouf ce matin ! J’ai voulu prendre mon café, la cafetière marchait plus, la voiture n’a pas démarré, mon ordi a planté. La matinée de ouf, j’te dis pas. »
    • “Crazy stuff this morning was totally wild. I wanted to take my coffee and the coffee-machine wasn’t working, the car didn’t start and my computer crashed. A totally wild morning, I’m telling you.”

Try using this expression every day this week.


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