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un secret de polichinelle – Mot du jour

Un Secret De Polichinelle – Mot Du Jour

un secret de polichinelle – Mot du jour

hardly a secret – French expression

What does ” un secret de polichinelle ” mean? How do you say ‘hardly a secret’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne, a French native say it at

un secret de polichinelle – a secret of Punchinello, the character from Italian ‘la commedia dell’arte’. In everyday French, un secret de polichinelle means that there is something that everyone knows, but won’t talk about. In English, t’s ‘an open secret’, or ‘hardly a secret’.

  • « Pour faire des progrès en français, il faut réviser tous les jours. Ça, c’est un secret de polichinelle. »
    • “To improve one’s French, you must review every day. That’s hardly a secret.”

Tenses and Modes

  • présent de l’indicatif : Ça, c’est un secret de polichinelle.
  • conditionnel présent : Ça, ce serait un secret de polichinelle.

Try using this expression at least once today.

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