un rapporteur – French expression

Say Protractor In French

un rapporteur – French expression

a tattle-tale – Mot du Jour

What does the French expression ‘ un rapporteur ‘ mean? How do you say ‘ a tattle-tale ’ in French? How is it used in a sentence?

un rapporteur is a protractor that you use to measure angles at school. It’s also a reporter, a commissionner or a spokesperson in the government.

In everyday French, un rapporteur is a person – a child most likely – who tells on others. A tattle-tale in English. A synonym of un rapporteur is ‘un mouchard’. The feminine form is ‘une rapporteuse’.

  • « Ne fais pas ton rapporteur, c’est pas sympa !  »
    • “Don’t be a tattle-tale, it’s not nice!”
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