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un fou rire – French expression

Un Fou Rire – French Expression

un fou rire – the giggles – Mot du Jour

un fou rire – a mad laugh. In everyday French, un fou rire means an uncontrollable laugh, the giggles. It’s used with AVOIR, but also with the verb piquer – to poke, to sting, to prick, to bite.  You also hear une crise de fou rire. a crisis of mad laughter.

I really like this French expression. piquer une crise de fou rire – to poke a crisis of mad laughter. It means ‘to have a fit of laughter’, ‘to have the giggles’. I translate it as ‘to giggle your head off’.

  • « Le serveur a fait tomber son plateau et on a piqué une crise de fou rire. C’était très gênant. »
    • “The waiter’s tray fell and we started to giggle our heads off. It was very embarrassing.”
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