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The letter H – Today’s French

The Letter H – Today’s French

The letter H – Today’s French

The letter H – aspirated and silent Hs in French

Liaisons are particularly difficult with the letter H.

For instance, you say

On a l’habitude de manger à 20 heures.

and not

On a la habitude de manger à 20 heures.

There is a liaison because of the silent H.

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Often studied together

  1. Liaison – un faux‿ami — here or here as a member
    • Liaison obligatoire – les‿enfants
    • Liaison facultative – Ils sont‿à Paris.
    • Liaison impossible – Et‿encore !
  2. Enchaînement consonantique – une petite‿erreur
  3. Enchaînement vocalique – tu‿as‿un cours
  4. The letter H
    • aspirated H – le hameau
    • silent H – l’habitude

Mini Quiz - The letter H in French

Decide if there is a liaison (‿) not (ø).

Encore !

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