sur les chapeaux de roues – Mot du Jour

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sur les chapeaux de roues – Mot du jour

rushing to do things – French expression

What does ” sur les chapeaux de roues ” mean? How do you say ‘ rushing ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to me, a French native say it at FrenchHour

sur les chapeaux de roues – on the hats of the wheels – are the hubcaps of a car. In everyday French, sur les chapeaux de roues is an expression that means that you’re driving your car so fast isn’t on wheels anymore, but instead, it’s running on its hubcaps. The expression sur les chapeaux de roues means that you’re going fast, that doing a billion things at the same time, you’re rushing to do things and you don’t have time to do much more.

  • « — T’as le temps de prendre un p’tit café ce matin ?
    • — Oh, non, je n’ai pas le temps. Je suis sur les chapeaux de roues. »
  • “– Do you have time to have a cup of coffee this morning?
    • — Oh, no, no time. I’m rushing and doing a billion things.”


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