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Singular or Plural ? Today’s French

Singular Or Plural ? Today’s French

Sometimes, it’s fuzzy to figure out if a noun is singular or plural in French, particularly for collective nouns.

A collective noun is a word used in its singular form to express a set of items, 2 or more.

Examples of collective nouns are: the family, the police, the people…

The question is: ‘is this noun singular or plural in French?’ as it’s not consistent with English.

The police ARE (plural) here. ≠ La police EST (singular) là.

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Mini Quiz - Singular or Plural in French

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    Our vacation is really nice.
    That guy’s straight hair is blond.
    The whole family was wearing the same top.
    Everybody was ready for the race.

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