Elle sent bon.

The verbs SENTIR – SE SENTIR – and TO FEEL are often intertwined. To make sure you don’t find yourself in a funny situation when asking « Tu sens bon ? » You smell good. instead of saying. « Tu te sens bien ? » (You feel okay?), I created this workshe et.

  1. sentir …. to sense
  2. sentir …. to feel
  3. sentir …. to smell
  4. ne pas/plus se sentir (de joie) …. to be overjoyed
  5. se sentir (+ adjectif) …. to feel (+ adjective)
  6. se sentir visé/e ….. to feel aimed at/judged



Choose between SENTIR, RESSENTIR, SE SENTIR and so on.
    They feel so soft.
    What is your feeling about it?
    The rose smells good.
    He’s annoying. You won’t be able to stand him.
    I feel comfortable in Saint-Malo.
    How are you feeling? I feel sick.
    There’s no class today because the teacher is feeling under the weather.


Encore !


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