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Sentences in French – Overview – Sneak Peek

Sentences In French – Overview – Sneak Peek

Sentences in French – Overview – Sneak Peek

La phrase française – Résumé  – Accroche-minute

Make sure you recognize every type of sentence. Learn French vocabulary and structure at the same time.

Sentences can be affirmative, negative, interrogative or exclamatory.

The exercise is easy enough, I think. Take that opportunity to fully understand all the sentences. Enjoy the practice!

L’exercice est assez facile, je pense. Profitez-en pour bien comprendre toutes les phrases. Amusez-vous bien !

Mini Quiz – Sentences in French – Overview – This quiz is interactive here.

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.

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avoir le loisir de – Mot du Jour


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