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S’AGIR DE Conjugated – Today’s French

s’agir de conjugué – to be about – Le français d’aujourd’hui

S’AGIR DE is a defective verb – it’s only conjugated with the neutral IL. Learn more about this in this free mini-lesson.

Indicatif – Indicative Mode  …. statements

présent …. present tense

il s’agit de …. it is about

il ne s’agit pas de …. it is not about

imparfait …. imperfect

il s’agissait de …. it was about

il ne s’agissait pas de …. it wasn’t about

passé composé …. preterit or present perfect

il s’est agi de …. it was about

il ne s’est pas agi de  …. it wasn’t about

futur simple …. future tense

il s’agira de …. it will be about

il ne s’agira pas de …. it won’t be about

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Exercice – s’agir de

Work on your conjugation, but first, listen to the French sentences.

Translate from one language to the other.


  1. Il s’agit de faire vite maintenant, pour avoir l’appart.
  2. De quoi s’agit-il ?
  3. Il ne s’agissait pas de nous.


  1. It’s all about going quickly now, to get the apartment.
  2. What is it about?
  3. It wasn’t about us.


s’agir de – to be about – How and What

il s’agit de – French expression

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