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Rencontrer – To Meet? – Today’s French

Rencontrer – To Meet? – Today’s French

Rencontrer has a lot of different meanings, more than just ‘to meet’. Look at the following 4 sentences, all translated with ‘to meet’ in English.

Elle a rencontré son fiancé l’année dernière.

Ils se sont rencontrés.

Je le retrouve sur Skype tous les jeudis.

On se retrouve sur Skype tous les mercredis.


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Mini Quiz - Rencontrer - To Meet?

Choisissez la bonne réponse selon la traduction. Pick the right answer according to the translation.
    We meet every Tuesday at my home to speak French.
    I reconnected with my friend 20 years later.
    He never goes for a hike because he is afraid to meet a bear.
    They met in Veules-les-Roses.




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les esprits se rencontrent – French expression


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