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Prepositions À and DE – Quiz

Prepositions À And DE – Quiz

Prepositions À and DE – Quiz

Les prépositions À et DE – Interro

You know you’ve mastered this topic when you got 90% three times in a row.

Quiz - Prepositions À and DE

Pick the right answer.
    It's weird to work 60 hours a week.
    Don't forget your brother's shoes (the shoes of your brother).
    This course is hard to understand.
    Our dining room is huge.
    It's rare to find such a teacher.
    We're coming from the party.
    Are you coming from school?
    When she was going to Vierzon.
    I'll meet you at 11.
    They're redoing their bathroom.
    They came to fight like children in the school yard.
    He's painting a young woman with a sunshade, Monet style.
    I'm looking for a coffee cup (a cup for coffee).
    I'd like to have an orange juice (a glass of orange juice).
    Take the basket of tomatoes.
    Have you ever made a bacon quiche?
    It's a book by Marcel Proust.
    The box is in the house.
    You chose a recipe that's really quick to make.
    I just cleaned up the workshop.

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