pour ma pomme – French expression

How To Say House Cleaning In French

pour ma pomme – for me – Mot du Jour

pour ma pomme – for my apple. In everyday French, pour ma pomme means ‘I got this’ in a positive context, when you offer to pay for something, or to do something for someone. In a negative context, when you’re not happy, it’s translated as ‘it always falls on me’, or  ‘it’s for me’.

Ma pomme, also ma bouille, is ‘me’, ‘my face’, ‘my mug’. So, I often translate it as , ‘for me’, ‘for my mug’, for my face’.

  • « Le ménage, c’est toujours pour ma pomme. Zut alors ! »
    • “Cleaning the house is always my chore. Darn!”
    • “Cleaning the house always falls on me. Darn!”


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