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Place of French Adverbs – Today’s French

Place Of French Adverbs – Today’s French

Place of Adverbs – La place des adverbes

General Rule 

Most adverbs follow the verb they modify.

  1. Je parle français couramment. (I speak French fluently.)
  2. Tu lis beaucoup. (You read a lot.)
  3. Ils écrivaient bien. (They used to write well.)
  4. Nous cuisinons souvent. (We often cook.)
  5. Vous êtes arrivés rapidement. (You arrived quickly.)
  6. On mangera vite. (We’ll eat quickly.)

Mini Quiz - Place of French Adverbs

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    We tell stories well.
    We speak English fluently.
    You travel often.

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