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pas de souci – French Expression

Pas De Souci – French Expression

pas de souci – French expression

no problem – Mot du jour

What does ” pas de souci ” mean? How do you say ‘no problem’ in French? How is is pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to me, a French native say it.

pas de souci – not of marigold – In everyday French, pas de souci means ‘no problem’.

  • « — Tu pourras venir m’aider à déménager demain ?
    — Oui bien sûr, pas de souci. »

    • “– Can you come and help me move tomorrow?
    • — Yes, sure, no problem.”



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moving – le déménagement


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  1. I never studied French but we are hoping to visit Quebec so I’m trying to read it. That’s going ok, but pronunciation just can’t be learned from reading. I don’t expect at my age to be able to speak it, but if I listen to you enough I hope to be able to understand at least a little. Merci!

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