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Negative sentences – Sneak Peek

Negative Sentences – Sneak Peek

Negative sentences – Sneak Peek

Les phrases négatives – Accroche

How do negative sentences work? Where do the negative parts go? Learn French with me at Download the audio file and print this worksheet.

Look at these examples in the present tense

  1. Je ne mange pas. –> I do not eat. (I not eat not)
  2. Je mange pas. –> I don’ t eat.
  3. Je ne mange pas de pain. –> I do not eat any bread.
  4. Je mange pas de pain. –> I don’t eat any bread.

Mini Quiz - Negative sentences

You're given 3 choices to translate a negative sentence. Pick the right answer.
    Visit more at Negative Sentences
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c’est pas faux – French expression


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