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Il n’avait pas mis de foie gras pour le repas du 14 juillet.


METT– is the root of the verb and –RE is the ending of the verb


Mini Quiz - Conjugate METTRE

Choisissez la bonne réponse suivant la traduction. Pick the right answer according to the translation.
  • Les temps courants

    Les 4 temps courants : phrases au présent, à l'imparfait, au passé composé et au futur de l’indicatif.
    She always put the hammer in the garage.
    We put the cell phones in the box yesterday.
    They didn’t often put their bikes on the car.
  • Tous les temps et modes

    "I’ll have already put my hat on," said the wolf.
    You hadn’t set (put) the table.
    He would put the letter in the mail, if he were going that way.

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ÊTRE – Conjugated verb

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