Les verbes pronominaux


Ça s’appelle des choux.

Reflexive verbs in French – Les verbes pronominaux

You’re stepping into a grammar zone here. We’re studying verb forms such as reflexive, reciprocal or passive. So, please enter only if, just like me, you’re a French grammar nerd ?

Do this quiz and check your reflexive verbs in French.


Quiz – Types of Reflexives

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    We really get along.
    We’ll talk to them tomorrow.
    We don’t sell fur here.
    She hears everything we are saying.
    They heard it/him the night before last.
    He didn’t sell his soul (himself) for this huge salary.
    I (can) see myself live in the Vendee region.
    They see one another every week.
    Chocolate croissants go (sell) very well in this bakery.
    Do you always talk to yourself like this?
    He speaks French well.

Encore !


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