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Le vin et les Français – Quiz

Le Vin Et Les Français – Quiz

On dit beaucoup de choses sur le vin et les Français. En fait, d’après vous, ces clichés sont-ils vrais ?

We say a lot of things about wine and the French. In fact, according to you, are these clichés true or false?

Voici mon avis sur la question. Dites-moi si vous êtes d’accord.

Quiz - Le vin et les Français

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    Women prefer drinking white wine.
    You must serve red wine with meat, white wine with fish.
    Organic wine is bad wine.
    Vintage wines are always good, it’s a sign of quality.
    Wine bottles are cheaper in supermarkets than in wine stores.
    The French drink wine with every meal.
    Organic wines won’t last.
    Prized wines are always good wines.
    Generally speaking, the French know wine and food pairing.
    Table wine that we buy at the supermarket is not good wine.


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