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Le bac – vrai ou faux ?

Le Bac – Vrai Ou Faux ?

High School Diploma – True or False

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Quiz- Le Bac

Decide if the statement is VRAI ou FAUX – TRUE or FALSE.
  • One takes le bac exam in college.
  • If you fail in June, you take a make up exam.
  • Approximately 10% of candidates get le bac today.
  • Napoleon created le bac in 1818.
  • Students are advised to write a draft before writing their final paper in ink.
  • The results of le bac often come out in July.
  • Students take the exam in two years.
  • The average grade to get le bac is 8.
  • The weight is more important for the major subjects in one's series.
  • One chooses his major for le bac at about 17.


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