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La Saint-Valentin à Paris – Today’s French

La Saint-Valentin à Paris – Today’s French

This Advanced French lesson features a culturally sensitive text with an audio file, its translation, vocabulary practice and a grammar topic.

Take every task in this lesson one day at a time. That’s enough to keep you busy for a week.

Nos deux tourtereaux, France et Henri, fêtent la Saint-Valentin. Henri gâte vraiment France. Elle prenait un café aux Deux Magots, quand il l’a appelée. Plus tard dans l’après-midi, ils se sont retrouvés Place Vendôme, chez Cartier, QG de la bijouterie de luxe. Tout un programme !

France and Henri are all lovey-dovey on Valentine’s day. Henri is spoiling France. She was having coffee at Les Deux Magots when he called her. Later on that afternoon, they met Place Vendôme, chez Cartier’s, quarters of luxury jewelry. He really outdid himself! Listen how.

Listen and repeat

La saint Valentin à Paris

H. Allô, chérie ?

F. Allô oui. Tu appelles d’où ?

H. Je suis Place Vendôme.

F. Mais qu’est-ce que tu fais là-bas ?


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