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la fève – French expression

La Fève – French Expression

la fève. une fève is a fava bean, or a broad bean. However LA fève, with the definite article LA means the lucky charm, lucky bean that you find in the galette des rois traditionally on January 6. The tradition is so popular in France that pâtisseries sell the galette des rois throughout the whole month of January. My friend Corinne has her birthday on January 22 and she always has a galette des rois – with la fève – for her birthday cake. La fève is a little figurine made out of ceramics, glass, plastic, or even diamond!

  • « J’ai eu la fève ! Je suis la reine ! »
    • “I got the lucky charm! I’m the queen!”

Merci à tous de votre fidélité depuis 2007 !

Thank you for learning French with me since 2007!


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