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l’amour-propre – French expression

L’amour-propre – French Expression

l’amour-propre – French expression

self-esteem – Mot du Jour

What does the French expression ‘ l’amour-propre ‘ mean? How do you say ‘ self-esteem ’ in French? How is it used in a sentence?

l’amour-propre – the love (own)-clean. In everyday French, l’amour-propre means self-esteem. Sometimes, it can also mean pride.

There are 3 levels for this feeling in French: l’amour-propre, la fierté et l’orgueil, which I believe doesn’t have a translation other than pride, which is better translated as fierté in French. Do you think the French are more proud than other people to have 2 nouns to describe it?

And note the pronunciation of L’AMOUR – love. It’s very important to pronounce it well so that not to say ‘la mort’ – death – instead. Can you imagine?

  • « S’ils avaient plus d’amour-propre, ils feraient plus de choses. »
    • “If they had more self-esteem, they would do more things.”
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