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-IR verbs – Present – Today’s French

-IR Verbs – Present – Today’s French

-IR verbs – Present – Today’s French

Verbes qui se terminent en-IR – Le français d’aujourd’hui

How are regular verbs that end in -IR conjugated in the present tense in French? Practice with Anne. Download the audio file and print this worksheet. Learn French and listen to Anne, a French native, say it at

–IR verbs in the present tense follow numerous patterns that can be learned by practicing a lot. That’s the only deal with conjugations in French. I don’t know of any other way to learn them. Practice, repeat, review.

This worksheet walks you through the conjugation of verbs ending in –IR and –OIR in their infinitive form.

You’ll see the word ‘STEM’ in this worksheet. The STEM is the infinitive verb without the ending –IR or–OIR ending: FIN(ir), CHOIS(ir)…

  • Ils choisissent la statuette. — They’re choosing the figurine.
  • Ils finissent de choisir la statuette. — They’re almost done with choosing the figurine.

Most –IR verbs – Most verbs ending in –IR have the following endings added to the stem: you have to memorize these endings.


je STEMis

tu STEMis

elle STEMit  

il STEMit

on STEMit


nous STEMissons

vous STEMissez

ils STEMissent

elles STEMissent


Quiz - -IR verbs - Present Tense

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    They grow up/are growing up fast.
    We choose/are choosing our house.-- Visit more at -IR verbs in the Present Tense
    We gather/are gathering the information for the file/case.
    You fill/are filling the glass.
    She succeeds in everything.
    They finish/are finishing their homework.
    He grabs/is grabbing the handle of the frying pan.
    You punish them? Are you punishing them?
    We always obey.
    I'm thinking (about it).



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