il s’agit de – French expression

How To Say Camelia In French

il s’agit de – it’s about – French expression – Mot du Jour

il s’agit de – it to itself is acting of. In everyday French, il s’agit de means it’s about. That might sound simple, however, the structure of il s’agit de is a bit different in French, it often involves a DANS. Look at this example:

  • « Dans le roman La Dame Aux Camélias, il s’agit du destin tragique de Marguerite Gautier. »
    • [In the novel The Lady of the Camellias, it is about the tragic destiny of Marguerite Gautier]
    • “The novel The Lady of the Camellias is about the tragic destiny of Marguerite Gautier.”
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s’agir de – to be about

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