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il faut – Today’s French

Il Faut – Today’s French

il faut – Today’s French

On creuse profond dans la grammaire ici. J’adooooore.

We’re digging deep into grammar today. I looove it 🙂

  • The closest translation for ‘il faut’ is ‘it’s necessary to’, or ‘[we] have to’, or ‘must’, ‘should’, etc…
  • il faut is mainly followed directly by an infinitive or with QUE and a subjunctive verb.

French in context

  • Il faut attendre maintenant.
    • [You/We…] have to wait now.
  • Il faut que le chien attende maintenant.
    • The dog must wait now.

Exercice – Practice

1.Write a French translations with ‘il faut’.

2.Anwsers may vary. The bold letters are for subjunctive verbs.

  1. We have to reserve a table at the restaurant.
  2. [You’ll/We'll...] have to watch the soccer game at Karen’s.
  3. The armoire is upstairs, but it took two people to handle it and bring it upstars. (it had to be dealt with between 2 people)
  4. It took time for her knee to get better.
  5. When do you have to be done?
  1. Il faut que nous réservions une table au resto.
  2. Il faudra regarder le match de foot chez Corinne.
  3. L’armoire est en haut, mais il a fallu que nous nous y prenions à deux pour la monter.
  4. Il fallait du temps pour que son genou guérisse.
  5. Quand faut-il que tu aies fini ?


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