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ici et là – Mot du jour

Ici Et Là – Mot Du Jour

here and there – French expression

What does ” ici et là ” mean? How do you say ‘ here and there ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne, a French native say it at

ici et là – here and there. Today, our expression is straight forward, y a pas photo. ici et là means ‘here and there’.

  • « Si tu vas sur le site de français d’Anne, tu trouveras des photos de sa ferme ici et là. »
    • “If you go to Anne’s French site, you’ll find pictures of her farm here and there.”

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Tenses and Modes

  • présent > futur : Si tu vas sur le site de français d’Anne, tu trouveras des photos de sa ferme ici et là.
  • imparfait > conditionnel présent : Si tu allais sur le site de français d’Anne, tu trouverais des photos de sa ferme ici et là.
  • plus-que-parfait > conditionnel passé : Si tu étais allée sur le site de français d’Anne, tu aurais trouvé des photos de sa ferme ici et là.


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  1. Hello Anne. How are you this 2019? I am finally starting my French learning again, this time movitvated by my desire to not lose what I have learned in my private lessons. Also, I had one lesson with you (something to do with subjonctif); I was too busy with work to fully embrace learning but I definitely enjoyed your positive and engaging style. Now that I have taken a brief (formal) retirement, I am applying what I learned from the past with guidance and support on your site.

    I like the podcast for the Mot du Jour, both in slow French and regular French. The tenses and modes examples are perfect for me, helping to “shake free” what was learned and what is now buried in my head 😉 The colloquial phrases will be quite helpful for me; my end goal is to eventually move to France for formal retirement and possibly to work, as opportunities present themselves.

    All the best,


    Larry Caracciolo

    1. Bonjour Larry, Je vous souhaite une bonne retraite. I wish you a wonderful retirement. Yay! You now have time to study French. I’m so glad that French Hour is helpful to you. Nothing can make me happier. Keep me/us posted about your move to France. I can’t wait to hear where you’re going. Bien cordialement, Anne

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