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heureux comme un roi – French expression

Heureux Comme Un Roi – French Expression

heureux comme un roi – Mot du Jour

heureux comme un roi. heureux means happy and, un roi is a king. heureux comme un roi means ‘as happy as a clam, couldn’t be happier’. Two similar expressions come to my mind: heureux comme un pape – as happy as a pope – and heureux comme un loir – as happy as a dormouse (a squirrelly-looking mouse). Why is it a clam in English? I’m not not sure. I’ve also heard ‘happy as Larry’.

This expression, weirdly enough, is not used in its feminine form. I never hear ‘heureuse comme une reine‘.

  • « Il vit à Paris maintenant, et il est heureux comme un roi. »
    • He lives in Paris now, and he is as happy as a clam. “


Merci à tous de votre fidélité depuis 2007 !

Thank you for learning French with me since 2007!


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