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French verbs with the preposition DE

Les verbes français et la préposition DE

If the following verbs are followed by a noun (not a person), they tend to take EN as a pronoun. More on the pronoun EN in this worksheet.

10 verbs that take the preposition DE

The verbs in italics are the ones that take EN as a pronoun: j’en ai besoin, il en a envie, on en a peur…

  1. accepter de …. to accept to
  2. accuser quelqu’un de …. to accuse someone of
  3. arrêter de …. to stop
  4. avoir besoin de …. to need
  5. avoir envie de …. to want
  6. avoir honte de …. to be ashamed to  
  7. avoir peur de …. to be afraid of
  8. cesser de …. to stop, to cease
  9. choisir de …. to choose to
  10. conseiller de …. to advise to

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