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French Verbs and Prepositions – Interro

French Verbs And Prepositions – Interro

French Verbs and Prepositions – Quiz

 Les Verbes et leurs prépositions – Interro

Take this quiz I created to check your knowledge on what preposition goes with what verb. Get 90% three times in a row before you move on to the next topic.



Quiz - French verbs with no preposition (ø), with À or with DE

Pick the right answer.
    I’m looking for Leprince Street.
    She had kept on running.
    We learned to speak French with French Hour.
    The song is about love.
    I’m asking for a piece of information.
    We’re going to succeed in building the cabin.
    I’m waiting for the bus.
    She was right to persevere.
    I’m listening to the show.
    You’re not wary enough of this situation.

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