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Say Rain In French

U – French pronunciation

How do you pronounce the French U? Practice how to say French words with U.

Tu as vu qu’il a plu dans la rue ? – J’ai vu qu’il a plu dans la rue.


How do you pronounce the French U? — [y] – /u/

  • The sound [y] – /u/ is formed exactly the same way as if you were whistling, and added voice to it. Keep the tip of your tongue right behind your bottom teeth and round your lips

French U is very similar to OU. Let’s try to differentiate the 2 sounds.

Mini Quiz - Sound U or OU – French Pronunciation

Écoutez des mots avec le son U ou OU. Cochez la bonne réponse. Vérifiez vos réponses sur-le-champ. -- Listen to words with the sound U or OU. Choose the right answer. Check your answers right away.


Refresh – Encore




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