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French Sound OU – Today’s French

French Sound OU – Today’s French

French Sound OU – Today’s French

OU is kind of tough to pronounce, because it doesn’t exist in English.

Listen to these three words: l’amour, la mort, le mur. These are three words that are really close in pronunciation. However, you might find yourself in a funny situation if you do not pronounce them the right way.

Read these sentences.

J’ai trouvé l’amour sur le mur de FBK.

I found love on the facebook wall.

Can you imagine if you said?

J’ai trouvé la mort sur le mur de FBK.

I found death on the facebook wall.

So, make sure you pronounce the sound OU very correctly. And you can practice with my worksheet. It’s a little laboratoire de phonétique, a little worksheet for you to be aware of the sound OU, and to pronounce it well. Of course, there is also a worksheet on the sound U in the course.

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