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Chemin Hiver

Il fait froid mais je m’en fiche.

Eight registers in French – Les huit registres en français

A register in a language is a degree of formality with which a word or an expression is used. I cut French into 8 registers.

Examples of 8 registers in French to say “I don’t care”.

  1. Peu me chaut. …. archaïque …. archaic
  2. Peu m’importe. …. littéraire …. very formal
  3. Cela m’est égal. …. soutenu …. formal
  4. Ça m’est égal. …. courant …. standard
  5. Je m’en fiche. …. familier …. colloquial
  6. j’m’en fiche. …. populaire …. familiar
  7. J’m’en balance. …. argotique …. slangy
  8. J’m’en fous. …. vulgaire …. vulgar

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