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French Numbers – Facts – Today’s French

French Numbers – Facts – Today’s French

Boulanger à Rennes, 35000

Les Chiffres – Le saviez-vous ? – Facts about French Numbers

Commas and Periods

A French comma is a period in English.

French 4,5 = 4.5 in English


There are 2 ways of writing 1,000 in French: with a period or with a space. A French period or a space is a comma in English.

French 1.564 or 1 564 = 1,564 in English


Dates and zip codes don’t have a space.

1957 is a date and 1 957 is a mere number

35000 is a zip code for the city of Rennes and 35 000 is the number of students in the city

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