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10 expressions communes avec le mot FIL

Fil means ‘thread’. Greg, one of my good students, was asking me this question about FIL the other day. So here are a few common expressions using the word FIL.

Try using them a in sentence, or in a paragraph if you’re  braver. Send that to me and I’ll get back to you with a corrected version within 24 hours.

  1. au fil de l’eau — along the water (banks)
  2. au fil des heures, des jours — hours on end, day after day
  3. avoir un fil à la patte — to have strings attached, to be tied down, not be free
  4. de fil en aiguille — one thing leading to another
  5. donner du fil à retordre à quelqu’un — to give someone a hard time
  6. être cousu de fil blanc — to be easily predictable
  7. être sur le fil du rasoir — to be in a unstable, dangerous situation
  8. le fil d’Ariane, le fil conducteur — common theme, thread
  9. passer au fil de l’épée – to kill
  10. un coup de fil — a phone call
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