faire le mur – French expression


faire le mur — to sneak out — Mot du Jour

faire le mur – to do the wall, faire le mur means to escape, to sneak out of a place. This expression is mostly used with teenagers sneaking out when parents don’t realize it.

The expression ‘faire le mur’ is also the name of a yearly movie event that takes place in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival. It’s called ‘Cannes fait le mur’ – ‘The Cannes Film Festival does the wall’. It’s a spectacular event presenting huge photographs hanging on high building walls throughout town. It’s really impressive. I hope you get to visit Cannes during ‘Cannes fait le mur’.

  • « La maison qu’ils ont achetée est vraiment faite pour que les enfants puisse faire le mur. »
    • “The house they bought makes it easy for their children to sneak out.”

French verbs – Tenses and Modes

présent : je fais le mur

imparfait : je faisais le mur

present subjunctive: que je fasse le mur

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