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Expressions with TENIR

Expressions avec TENIR

TENIR veut dire beaucoup de choses. Voici 10 expressions avec ce verbe.

TENIR means ‘to hold’ and many many other things. Here are 10 common expressions with TENIR.

Petite Liste


  1. tenir …. to hold
  2. ça ne tient qu’à toi …. it’s up to you
  3. en tenir pour quelqu’un …. to be in love
  4. Qu’à cela ne tienne ! …. no problem, no big deal, never mind, so be it
  5. s’en tenir à …. to only do
  6. se tenir …. to maintain oneself in a position
  7. se tenir …. to hold one another
  8. se tenir (bien, mal) …. to behave (well, badly)
  9. se tenir à …. to be at such a place
  10. se tenir pour …. to consider oneself

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Exercice – Practice

Practice Expressions with TENIR

Mini Quiz - Expressions with TENIR

Match the triggering sentence with the appropriate second sentence with TENIR.

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qu’à cela ne tienne – French expression

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