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Il y a de nombreuses expressions qui ont à voir avec la musique en français. En voici quelques unes.

There are many phrases and expressions that have to do with music in French. Here are some of them and a quiz about it.

Quelques expressions de musique

  1. bémol — un bémol (mettre, avec) — to damper, to put a damper on
  2. flûte — une flûte — a flute (long tall glass such as a Champagne glass)
  3. piano — un piano — a stove range
  4. rengaine — la rengaine (être) — same old thing, boring

Mini Quiz - Expressions About Music

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    Take the Champagne glasses out so we can celebrate.
    He’ll have to put a damper on his request.
    I'm fed up; it's kind of boring.
    This stove range is too expensive.

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