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En voiture, Simone ! – French expression

En Voiture, Simone ! – French Expression

En voiture, Simone ! – Let’s get going! – French expression – Mot du Jour

That’s what Heidi, one of my long time student said the other day, and we started giggling. Heidi spends a lot of time in France, where you can hear this very familiar expression. I don’t think you’ll find it in a lot of French textbooks.

En voiture, Simone ! – in car Simone. In everyday French, En voiture, Simone ! is a funny expression. It’s something you say when you want to get going, often by car, of course, but also figuratively, when you want things to move quicker. 

  • « Allez, on est en retard. En voiture, Simone ! »
    • ‘Come on, we’re late. Let’s get going!’
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