EILLE – Pronunciation – Today’s French

Abeille Et Rhodo

EILLE – Pronunciation – Today’s French

EILLE – Prononciation – Le français d’aujourd’hui

How do you pronounce the French sound EILLE. What are words with EIL in it? How are they different from EUIL? Practice with Anne at FrenchHour.com

Today, we’re studying the French sound EILLE: how to pronounce it and how it’s spelled.

L’abeille est au soleil sur la bouteille.

Practice saying these words

  1. essaye …. (he) tries
  2. éveil …. awakening
  3. groseille …. gooseberry
  4. pareil …. same
  5. veille …. waking

Compare these two sounds

  1. essaye …. et seuil (and doorstep)
  2. éveil …. et veuille (and want)
  3. groseille …. gros œil (big eye)
  4. pareil …. par œil (per eye)
  5. veille …. veuille (want)

AIL – Silly Rhyme

L’abeille est au soleil sur la bouteille.

The honey bee is in the sun on the bottle.

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