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déjà, encore, jamais and toujours – Today’s French

Déjà, Encore, Jamais And Toujours – Today’s French

J’ai pas encore acheté le cadeau d’Adeline

déjà, encore, jamais and toujours are a bit of a challenge for English speaker. Is it still, yet, again?

Exercice – Practice

Translate the sentences from one column to another. From French to English (la version) is easier, from English to French (la thèse) a bit more challenging.

  1. Elle parle déjà.
  2. Tu as bien étudié la liste, mais il faut encore que tu fasses l’exo.
  3. Il n’a jamais bricolé de sa vie.
  4. Ils se sont toujours aimés.

  1. She’s already speaking.
  2. You did study the list well, but you still have to do the exercise.
  3. He’s never done house work in his life.
  4. They always loved one another.

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