Citrouille ou Chrysanthème ?

How To Say Yellow Chrysanthemum In French
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Pumpkin or Chrysanthemum?

how to say pumpkin in FrenchFor us, it happens on November 1. That’s because, traditionally in France, we don’t celebrate Halloween on October 31. We don’t dress up. We don’t eat candy. We don’t laugh.

What we do is to remember with solemnity those who have died. We go to the cemetery, sometimes after mass. We decorate the graves of our family members, of friends, and of long-gone neighbors.

Then we share a family meal. The day goes by slowly and sadly, especially when there have been recent deaths.

purple chrysanthemumThe two celebrations both deal with death, but they stand in stark contrast to each other. I designed this little quiz to help you understand the differences between the two ways of marking death. I hope you’ll have a good time, while learning French.

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Citrouille ou Chrysanthème ?

Chez nous, c’est le 1 novembre que ça se passe. Oui car traditionnellement, on ne fête pas Halloween le 31 octobre en France. On ne se déguise pas, on ne mange pas de bonbons, on ne rigole pas.


Par contre, on célèbre solennellement la fête de nos morts. On va au cimetière, quelquefois après la messe, on fleurit les tombes de nos morts, des amis partis, des voisins décédés.

Ensuite, on partage un repas en famille. La journée se déroule lentement et tristement, surtout si les morts sont partis récemment.

Les deux fêtes traitent toutes deux de la mort, mais elles sont radicalement différentes. Alors aujourd’hui, j’ai créé cette petite interro-jeu pour vous aider à comprendre les différences entre les deux fêtes. J’espère que vous vous amuserez bien en apprenant du français.

Mettez votre commentaire en pas de page. C’est comme ça que je continue à faire des fiches pour que vous continuiez à apprendre le français 🙂

citrouilles potimarrons halles

Quiz - Citrouille ou Chrysanthème ?

Decide if the statement applies to Halloween or to La Toussaint. -- Choisissez si la phrasse s'applique à Halloween ou à La Toussaint.
    The party takes place in the evening.
    We share a family meal.
    It's in October.
    The tone is cheerful.
    People buy pumpkins.
    We eat sweets.
    We dress up in our Sunday best.
    It's a pagan festival.
    The tone is solemn.
    The celebration is focused on adults.
    We think about death.
    It's in November.
    It's a religious holiday.
    People buy chrysanthemums.
    It's a regular work day.
    We make fun of death.
    The ceremony happens during the day.
    We dress up in costumes.
    It's a national holiday.
    We march while reflecting, from the church to the cemetery.
    The party takes place in the evening.
    We parade laughing in the streets in the neighborhood.
    The celebration is focused on children.
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