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qu’à cela ne tienne – French expression

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What does the French expression ‘ qu’à cela ne tienne ‘ mean? How do you say ‘ no biggie ’ in French? How is it used in a sentence?

qu’à cela ne tienne — that at it not hold. In everyday French, this expression has quite a few translations: ‘no problem, no big deal, so be it, no biggie’.

  • « Tu [ne] veux pas aller en Provence cet été ? Qu’à cela ne tienne, on ira dans les Pyrénées. Et t’aimerais mieux louer un refuge ? Qu’à cela ne tienne ! »
    • “You don’t want to go to Provence this summer? No biggie, we’ll go to the Pyrenees then. And you’d rather rent a cabin? No problem.”
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