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c’est dur dur – Mot du jour

C’est Dur Dur – Mot Du Jour

c’est dur dur – Mot du jour

it’s sooo hard – French expression

What does ” c’est dur dur ” mean? How do you say ‘ it’s sooo hard ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne, a French native say it at

c’est dur dur – it’s hard hard – In everyday French, dur dur is a familiar, sometimes cute way of insisting on the difficulty or the hardship. Dur dur means ‘sooo hard’. In the feminine form, it’s spelled with an E – dure dure, and it’s pronounced the same way.

  • « Je viens de reprendre le boulot après les congés. C’est dur dur ! »
    • “I just got back to work after being on vacation. It’s sooo hard! “

Try using this expression 4 times today

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