c’est cadeau – French expression

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c’est cadeau – Mot du Jour

c’est cadeau – it’s present, it’s gift – without the article ‘un’ (a)c’est cadeau is different from c’est un cadeau, which just means ‘it’s a present, it’s a gift’.  c’est cadeau is an idiomatic expression often used to mean that you’re getting something extra you weren’t expecting, like a freebie. It can be from a store, a boutique or from a friend doing you a favor. It doesn’t necessarily involve money.

  • « Quand tu viens à un IPF aux Burons, tu as accès gratuitement à tout le site de FRENCH hour. Et ça, c’est cadeau. »
    • When you come to an IPF at Les Burons, you get a free access to FRENCH hour, the whole site. And that’s a freebie.”


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