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bras dessus bras dessous – French expression

Bras Dessus Bras Dessous – French Expression

bras dessus bras dessous – French expression

arm in arm – Mot du jour

What does ” bras dessus bras dessous” mean? How do you say ‘ arm in arm ’ in French? How is is pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to me, a French native say it.

bras dessus bras dessous – arm on top arm underneath – In everyday French, bras dessus bras dessous means ‘arm in arm’, ‘hand in hand’, or even sometimes ‘in cahoot’.

  • « Ils sont partis bras dessus bras dessous, comme deux amis bien soudés qu’ils étaient. »
    • “They left arm in arm, like the two close friends they were.”


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